One Man Army

by Boyan Bo

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One Man Army (the instrumental sessions) was written while the artist was looking for a band. Rather than twiddling his thumbs while waiting for ad responses, he put all of his energy and desire to rock into an independent album, composing and playing everything from the guitar, to the bass, to the drums. They say if you build it, they will come, well, this is if you record it, they will rock! The music and melodies on One Man Army take inspiration from bands like Killswitch Engage, Dillinger Escape Plan, Karnivool, and Protest the Hero.


released April 4, 2015

Writting, produced and recorded by Boyan Bo at his home studio. For more:
Additional Studio work done at Studio Balkandji (Sofia, Bulgaria.)
Cover art by K. Lebak (


all rights reserved



BoyanBo Sofia, Bulgaria

Boyan Bo is an American-Bulgarian performing and recording guitarist currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Track Name: Looter
coming soon
Track Name: Turn of the Screw
Aboard the drifting ship
afloat on muddy waters
the wind’s abandoned you
and twilight takes no quarter

it bites
it turns
you twist
you turn


How can I face an army on my own
I cannot stand by
while the flag is flow

it will take much more
to make a dent in history
neverending strife
bitter fight against greed

Another passing
the sacrifice
a challenge wasted
wicked device

The main condition
or so it seems
a hero complex
that aims to please

Possessing carnal knowledge
corruption setting in
he drifts between the shadows
the moon will not protect him

you turn
you twist
it bites
you bleed


How can I face an army on my own
I cannot stand by
while the flag is flow

it will take much more
to make a dent in history
neverending strife
bitter fight against greed

I know she’ll try to please
I know she’ll find a way
her sacrifice misplaced
will be her own undoing

Turn of the Screw
Track Name: Problem
Coming Soon
Track Name: iLLumination
Coming Soon
Track Name: Scepter
Coming Soon
Track Name: Full Circle
Coming Soon
Track Name: Last nail in the coffin of duplicity
The Ice has been broken
now here comes the flood

The matter now at hand
has been brought to you
you see from where your stand
you find yourself the fool

they lead astray
to an early grave

So, you loose control
you’re losing sleep
now who’s at fault?

it’s Time
to make them pay
decide their punishment

what IS the Thing They Want
deny them this
refuse them all


Your soul of dying embers
remains of a suffocated fire
be careful what you promise
they shall take all that they desire

You lose your way
no one to guide you home
the flood inside
it rises like a storm

all night
in the small light
with the passion
to fulfil a dream

with a wave of
their unclean hand
cast you down in filth

I will
thee deny
cast you
from my mind
reject your
malicious sickness

the time
has arrived
that day
is today
we shall all renounce
your wickedness

All your rites
have been sung
all your deeds
are now done
for a box
we’ve fitted
in you go
six feet deep

Nameless shall
be your grave
this way it
will remain
no one needs
to know you
no one needs
to be you


There comes a time to put you in the ground
There comes a time to put you in the ground

Chorus 2

Give air to glowing embers
feel how your soul returns to flame
No one to hold you back now
you can be free to live again

You make your way
you follow your own heart
you make each day
into a work of art

You’ve let it go
it’s lying deep beneath
you make your way
you suffer no defeat
Track Name: Mr. Kite
Try and make your mark
confident voice, stay in your light
quickly memorize
review the stunts, delivery

Try and say your lines
but are you lacking in conviction?
light will blind your eyes
do you speak charm or malediction

Look in the dark hall
the audience is in
anticipation growing
now hold your breath, be still

Spin your story well
it is yourself you’re entertaining
whom shall you portray
this mirror image ever changing


If it pleases you, it pleases me
we are the same, one and all
now take your time, and go slow
if this should be your only show

How disappointing
you hide behind a mask
quickly does it fade
your act is clearing up at…

there’ll be no turning…
beware the Trap Door

As you come alive
you see yourself among the crowd
an audience of one
is what you know without a doubt

Chorus repeats

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